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What is RippleCash?

What is Ripplecash?What is Ripplecash?

Ripplecash is completely decentralized network which will be used as a token-coin and fiat currencies swapping method in all over the world. The main priority of this project is to develop a decentralized liquidity soultion with Ripplecash network, to build one of the connecting bridge for Mass-Adoption.

Ripplecash, an on-chain decentralized exchange, for cryptocurrencies or digital assets (e.g. tokens on smart contract blockchains). Ripplecash Network will be simple, practical and decentralized liquidity solution for cryptocurrencies and digital assets with a seamless swap transaction in a secured and immutable blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

The project will initially focus on the development of the platform for swapping Ethereum-based tokens. As the cryptocurrency market is currently flooded with Ethereum-based tokens, a good asset range to begin with. It will continue development to accommodate more cryptocurrency and digital assets (from different blockchain platform, e.g. QTUM-based tokens, Neo-based tokens) using cross-chain and relay protocols.

The integration of cross-chain asset swap will depend on the availability and achieved development standing of the following blockchain projects: Polkadot, Komodo, AION, Wanchain, Cosmos and other parallel blockchain or cross-chain protocols.

Token name Ripplecash
Payout Ripplecash Tokens will be sent immediately to your ETH Wallet
Total supply 1,000,000,000 Tokens available
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 Ripplecash
Minimum Purchase 0.1 ETH
Maximum Purchase 400 ETH
SALE 04 January 2018
END 21 April 2019
Accepted Cryptocurrencies ETH
Minimum Cap 400 ETH
Maximum Cap 30,000 ETH

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Success Story

We Can Do It TogetherWe Can Do It Together

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! It's time to grow together.


The power of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will help us grow our business and share the profits with every investor.


Simplicity is one key for mass adoption. Ripplecash will be built in a way that is easy to use by anyone with just a few clicks or taps.


Our Betting site is ready to get advertised, using the best strategies and channels in the industry.


The platform will be built on the top of a decentralized platform like Ethereum. The platform does not hold your funds or store your private keys.


The power of XRPC utility token comes with access to a cheaper transaction and subscription fee. It offers low-cost fees to most services.


You don't have to wait for order book to be matched, its instant. Scaling solutions for Ethereum is also coming, bringing faster transactions.

the token

Distribution & UsageDistribution & Usage

The Ripplecash is an ERC20 token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain.

A total of XRPC tokens will be generated, including 160.000.000 to conduct a Pre-Sale, and 400.000.000 to conduct an ICO. Another 130.000.000 will be shared between the founders of the XRPC token, while the remaining 310.000.000 will be generated for advisory, bounty, Reserve fund, legal Compliance and PR pools. The unsold XRPC that will be created for sale during the ICO will be destroyed. XRPC tokens are not mined by users or any other Companies.



160 000 000



400 000 000


Bounty & Promotion

170 000 000


Founders & Advisors

130 000 000


Reserve Fund

100 000 000


Legal Compliance

40 000 000

After a successful ICO campaign and reaching the hard cap 11% will be used to update our platform and create a mobile application for best user experience. 22% will be used for a marketing campaign. 14% will be used for an aggressive advertising campaign. 8% will be added to the existing bank - operational money for wins and loses. And 12% will serve as legal agreements in different countries and rest of the amount will be used for coin growth or upcoming partnerships.











Platform Development


We will be available onWill be available on

In Q3 - 2019 We will introduce to you, world most secured crypto currency swapping app accross the chain at low fees.

Project Timeline


Q1 - 2019
Community engagement and education campaign The launch of the Ripplecash Network project; start accepting donation and contribution distribution of XRPC tokens.
End of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign./ Hits on 2 Exchanges/Launch of a large-scale marketing campaign.
Q2 - 2019
Q2 - 2019
End of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign./ Hits on 2 Exchanges/Launch of a large-scale marketing campaign.
Q3 - 2019
Android Coin swapping Application launching/Top 20 2Exchange listing/Beginning of an aggressive advertising campaign, using the best channels for that.
Buy Back & Coin burn/ Ios coin swaping app launching/Legal agreements and licenses with/ in some countries.
Q1 - 2020
Q1 - 2020
Buy Back & Coin burn/ Ios coin swaping app launching/Legal agreements and licenses with/ in some countries.
Q3 - 2021
Cross-chains, relayers and parallel blockchain are expected to be fully functional in 2020. Ripplecash Network will support the integration of cross-chain swap by using the most functional available cross-chain and relayer protocol or platform.
Buy Back & Coin burn
Q1 - 2022
Q1 - 2022
Buy Back & Coin burn
Q2 - 2022
Roadmap updation.

Real Affiliate Program!

When you refer a new user who purchases XRPC Tokens you'll get a 10% affiliate commission in XRPC tokens.


Our TeamOur Team

Meet the team that works on this great project.

CEO & Advisors
Daniel Keller Founder & CEO
Esperanza Castilo Advisor
Jude Irvin Advisor
Richardbolen Blockchain Developer
Christian Mutta Blockchain Developer
Abigail FaithBack-End Developer
Diana Beezi Marketing Expert
Charity Dreyer Community Manager

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

What is Ripplecash?
Ripplecash is completely decentralized network which will be used as a token-coin and fiat currencies swapping method in all over the world.
Why invest?
Ripplecash Network offers smart crypto experience with trustless, automated price determination, dynamic price sensitivity, exemplary liquidity mechanism that uses supply and demand model. This constitutes a lot of advantage over traditional order book based exchanges.

User-Friendly. The very concept of blockchain is very technical and complicated to the most average user. Using the technology alone could be daunting for newcomers and that is why simplicity is one key for mass adoption. There a lot of services that makes the use of blockchain applications easier and Rippleccash platform will be built in the same manner to make exchanging or swapping an asset easier by having a simplistic user interface. It will also provide a guide for anyone who is new to using a decentralized swap or new to cryptocurrency and digital assets.
How do i earn profits?
All payment rewards for Ripplecash token owners will be delivered automatically to the ETH wallet where your Ripplecash tokens are.
What ETH compatible wallets are recommended?
We recommend using either: MetaMask (Chrome browser addon); or MyEtherWallet (no download needed).
Note: Do not use any other exchange wallets.
What is the minimum investment sum?
The minimum amount to get started with the Ripplecash ICO is 0.1 ETH.
Are the Ripplecash tokens ERC-20 resellable?
Yes, Ripplecash tokens are ERC-20 resellable. And yes, you can transfer them to wallets and exchanges supporting the ERC-20 standard.
When can I trade using Ripplecash tokens?
At the moment, we are negotiating with the most popular exchanges.